Move to Amend
Move to Amend is a non-profit organization working to add an amendment to the constitution that would strip corporations of their personhood and restore that back to people. Currently, corporations have a greater voice than the individual, Move to Amend works to lessen the grip of corporations through petitions, writing congressmen, and having future candidates for congress pledge to weaken corporate control over government.

I learned so much during this project. I set the organization up to work as local independent ambassadors to better represent repective areas, but encouraged national conversation.

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Poster Series

This is a benefit concert tour poster. The benefit concert would travel nationally, but feature local bands for each region. There would be updates and live feeds to share music with different regions and to promote Move To Amend.

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This is a starter kit for individuals or groups who would want to start a movement in their area. It unfolds and explains about the organization while providing a cd with all the images and video to print up as needed.

★ DSVC Student Show 2011